DCr Performance Products CDI - developed on a test bench and on racetracks - considerably improve the performance and the arc of use of the engine.
It is possible to achieve great results in terms of power and torque values through the adjustment of the ignition advance.
2 dedicated maps are included in the price.

Available for:
KTM SX 65/85/125/250cc
GAS GAS MC 65/85/125cc
HUSQVARNA TC 65/85/125cc
YAMAHA YZ 65/85/125cc
FANTIC 65/85/125cc
TM 125cc

€ 585,00


GET develops innovative technologies for the power management of racing engines through the alteration of the ignition curve and injection speed.
We can design dedicated maps for various models of off-road bikes depending on the specific tuning of the engine and your needs.
If you want to request a CDI mapping, please visit this link.

KTM / HSQ / GAS GAS – 65cc / 85cc / 125cc: € 585,00
All other models: € 650,00